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Alonso Volkov
Alonso Volkov

Pavel Tsatsouline Relax Into Stretch DVDRip !EXCLUSIVE!

When about 18 years old, I also practiced some modern Wushu more and got obsessed with more flexibility. Besides relax stretching, bouncing and pushing methods were used. People could push my leg far above my head and I got close to a side split. And there the problem started, people pushing the leg of the other person and bouncing (unsafe methods!). One day my hip was just stuck and hurting. From then on, when I tried stretching, it came back the day after stretching. As a result, I abandoned stretching almost completely.

Pavel Tsatsouline Relax Into Stretch DVDRip

Wanting more, a few months ago I started with the power stretching part of the book, but very carefully and gradually. In addition, I expended my library with the work of Pavel Tsatsouline, and started working on isometric stretching/PNF (books of Pavel Tsatsouline: Super Joints and Relax into Stretch). The results were interesting (toe touch from halfway shins to almost touching the toes), yet I stayed a bit cautions to previous injuries.


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