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My Iphone 3gs Case Cracked __HOT__

I dropped my iPhone in a parking lot and the front panel cracked a lot at the bottom of the screen near the home page button. I bought the iPhone 3GS Front Panel replacement, but can't get the front panel to come off with the small suction cup because of the cracked screen. How can I get the front panel to come off without breaking my iPhone?

my iphone 3gs case cracked


Sounds like you were prying between the silver bezel and the black plastic case. This is not the correct place -- I made the same mistake and it drove me crazy. Pry between the glass and the silver bezel!

sometimes the pieces of broken glass make getting a seal tricky (which blackrosesred mentions) in which case putting lots of packing tape or "contact" adhesive plastic, can fix that and give you a solid area to get suction for pulling up display.

I have tried actually using a 'pocket knife' to pocket through the holes where the screws are (NOT through the speaker or mic!!!) but instead nearly pried the whole bezel off the case, I have a 3G and the screen on mine is apparently 'sealed' like yours, I'm not sure what to do really.

For example, if the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS has visibly cracked glass, is not responding correctly to touch, or a portion of the display does not "show up," these are all clear signs that broken hardware needs to be replaced. Note that the parts needed may be different depending on the symptoms, though.

From cracked screens to freezes and crashes, we can troubleshoot any issue and make the necessary repairs quickly and affordably. In most cases, you can get your phone repaired the same day you bring it in. We also offer a 6 month warranty on all parts and labor with our iPhone 3GS repair service.

In 2007, I got hooked in with Apple phones when the "2G" came out. I was sitting in San Francisco Union Square and just had to have the new phone. Well everyone knows that you cant just buy a phone and not really have a case of some sort. Thats the moment it hit me. I hate buying something and seeing my money fly out of my pocket. So I came up with a brilliant idea of getting on Ebay and buying five cases for my phone and selling four to pay for mine, the fifth one. Well it worked and worked really fast. I was shocked. The Alaskan consumer was now apart of me. I started buying more and more and low and behold it was flying out the door faster than what I could buy it. People started asking about custom stuff that no one else had yet. So I started becoming a zombie on the world wide web. I was finding cool cases that no one esle had and between my customers and I we were all very happy. I played with cases and stuff till 2009 when the iPhone 3gs launched. People were begging me to start doing repairs and custom chassis and backs to their phones. NO WAY. I just wanted to do accessories. I am a certified aircraft mechanic and even own an offroad shop in Anchorage Alaska. I was completely done with mechanics. Burned out. After the push from the consumer and friends was so hot and my constant refusal, my friends sitting at my desk decided to try the new custom conversion back for the iPhone 3gs themselves. Well hours later they gave up, thats when they gave me the "look". Come on Matt you can do it, we know you can. Ugh, Ok fine let me see it. That day was years ago now, the start of "Cracked Wireless". It stuck, gotta love my friends. Mike and Habib, they are the ones to thank for this new found venture. After that the offroad shop was becoming consumed with phones. The new phone industry started paying all the bills and in December of 2010 my friend saw all my stress of controling both business so they intervened and help shut down the offroad shop. That day was thanks to my friend Ryan. He pushed till I gave in. Im a hard worker and love to help people. After closing the doors to Northern 4X4 Xtreme Inc. my world turned towards the better. My life was less stressful and I found something that I actually turned to love.

Ten French consumers have come forward to say their iPhone screens exploded or cracked without explanation, according to an AFP tally, including a case in mid-August in which a teenager was said to have suffered an eye injury.

An 80-year-old pensioner from the Paris suburbs said on Wednesday his iPhone screen cracked up in his hands, a day after a supermarket watchman claimed he was also hurt in the eye when his screen suddenly shattered this week.

"The first results show, according to Apple management, that the iPhones weren't damaged by a battery defect leading to an explosion, but that there had been a prior shock that cracked the screens," the minister said.

\\\"The first results show, according to Apple management, that the iPhones weren't damaged by a battery defect leading to an explosion, but that there had been a prior shock that cracked the screens,\\\" the minister said.

Whether you've got a cracked screen, blown earpiece, bad battery, or any other problem - we've most likely got the guide you'll need to keep your iPhone in working order. Most repairs don't cost very much and the iPhone 3G & 3GS are some of the most repairable models of iPhones ever released. If you're willing to put in the small amount of time it takes to keep it in good condition, our guides will help you do just that.

If the picture on your screen is fine and only the glass is cracked, you'll just need to replace the digitizer and we can walk you through how. Occasionally the LCD can get damaged from a drop as well. While this isn't very common, it does happen from time to time depending on how hard the iPhone was dropped. If that is the case, we can help you replace the LCD as well.

Replacing the dock connector can solve problem issues with any of the above referenced components. Symptoms can range from no cell or Wi-Fi signal, no Home button functionality (the digitizer assembly can also be the culprit in this case), an iPhone that won't charge, no sound when the phone rings or when on speakerphone, or callers can't hear you when on a call.

In the former case, the crisis was averted when Apple developed an innovative new UI paradigm to handle the added capacity: in iOS 4.1, Apple added folders, allowing them to drop back down to a safe home screen icon count.

Apple's iPhone 3GS was the first model to be sold in Korea by Apple due to protections that the country had in place for local manufacturers like Samsung and others. The device originally launched in June of 2009 and hit South Korea about five months later. It was the final iPhone to have a plastic case, which is a good thing considering the fragile enclosure was prone to cracking.

Dujo, a user on Sugru's website, had an old iPhone 3GS with volume buttons that fell off, which is a common problem with older iPhones because they're just glued on. There are two tiny metal pieces inside that actually press the buttons, and in his case, those were missing too.

Almost everyone has dropped their phone and cracked the screen at least once. Depending on the severity of the crack, the phone may only be partially usable or completely unusable. There are also other types of screen malfunctions that may happen. For example, you may touch the screen and notice that nothing happens. Screen glitches can happen due to software crashes or other reasons. For any screen issue, our team can quickly diagnose the problem and perform the right iPhone screen repair or glass repair.

Ohhh my god! This is the best tip ever!! I got water damage on my home screen button and it doesnt work! This tip saved me from buying a new phone! Hooray!! Thank You Steve Jobs for the best invention on the planet! I LOVE The iphone!

my grand-daughter dropped my iphone and the only thing that did not work was the home screen button. after much research i came across this post. thank you so much . after following your directions i can now operate my iphone with out having to shut it down. thanks again

If you decide to repurpose your old phone, you will constantly have a backup phone in case yours breaks, gets lost or is stolen. With Apple Stores closed right now, taking a phone with a cracked screen in for repair isn't possible. You'll likely have to ship it somewhere for repair, meaning you'll be without a phone for a few days.

Yakety Yak is a retail cell phone shop located in Colleyville, Texas. We specialize in the repair of Apple iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro Max, 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 11 Pro, 11, 10s Max, 10s, 10R, 8+, 8, 7+, 7, 6s, 6s+, 6, 6+, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4, 3gs. We also repair other Apple products like the Apple iPad Pro, Ipad 5th Generation, iPad 6th Generation, iPad 7th Generation, iPad 8th Generation, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini. We repair broken or cracked glass. Yakety Yak is also a DryBox repair location specializing in fixing water damaged phones. We have extensive knowledge of cell phones and perform repairs on most Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Galaxy products. In addition Yakety Yak has an extensive inventory of used cell phones, and we also buy your old cell phones. If you need a case, accessory, tempered glass screen protector or battery, Yakety Yak is your destination, we are one of the largest Otterbox dealer in the USA, and have batteries for over 300 different cell phones. You can visit us in person at 3930 Glade Road, Suite 103, Colleyville TX 76034, or on the web at our phone number is 817-399-1000 and we are open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

For example, if your iPhone 3GS is just buggy, or you've cracked the screen, and you want a new phone, tell the Genius that your battery can no longer hold a charge and you want it replaced. The Genius will probably run a diagnostic check on the phone, but don't sweat it, it won't reveal anything to disprove you. S/he will just end up giving you a new 3GS for $80.


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