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" your company is amazing. i'm not sure if your aware but all the other perfume prescriptions are mediocre at best. you guys are doing something that none of them are doing. not only do you offer way more perfumes colognes to choose from, you allow th "


Just the Goods' range of gender neutral perfume and aromatherapeutic oils are made with essential oils, absolutes, and attars that blend with the wearer's natural chemistry to create a personal scent that holds close to the body. Artificial scents, and chemical fixatives, propellants and/or preservatives are never included as they are associated with allergies among other health risks that simply do not meet Just the Goods' high standards. Please note these are diluted essential oils and attars, which means they've been blended with a carrier oil and therefore should not be used with a diffuser.

Delicious playful features the rich, warm and smoky notes of real vanilla (not sweet candy artificial vanilla) and the bright punctiation of clove -- LAST CHANCE; DISCONTINUED ... find it here: -chance-just-the-goods-playful-vegan-perfume.

Each perfume vial is 7 ml/0.23 fl oz. Second photo shows three vials (with old labels) in a gift set, available on this website in a separate listing.These vials are small enough that the perfume can be applied to skin by applying it to your fingertip then skin as desired -- ensure hands are washed clean before use to avoid cross-contamination within the bottle leading to premature spoilage. Perfume in roller-ball bottles are no longer available; I offered that format for several years, then suddenly found that the bottles were leaking during shipment. I contacted the packaging supplier and they had no helpful solution, other than to recommending each bottle be taped before shipping, which I ultimately decided was unattractive and time consuming, and thus unfeasible.

Discover fresh scents that are designed to last all day with the collection of spray perfumes at Pacifica. Awaken your senses with our original spray fragrances that offer the perfect combination of crisp & refreshing essences without overdoing it. Enjoy the soft, subtle elegant smells each of our spray perfumes provides, from our feminine floral fragrances, like Tahitian Gardenia & Persian Rose, to our earthy & herbal perfume notes & warm woody scents, like Indian Coconut Nectar & Island Vanilla. With a full selection of 100% cruelty-free & vegan spray perfumes that perfectly play into any personality, you're sure to stock up on fun new favorites for any occasion. From the best spray perfume finds for easy everyday wear, to tantalizing & alluring aromas for more formal affairs or special nights out, we have it all! Refresh your regular perfume rotation with invigorating scents that pack a powerful punch & are made with safe & soothing skin-loving ingredients, like natural essential oils & non-GMO corn grain alcohol. Plus, you can feel even better about putting on your new spray perfume each & every day with our entire selection of scents promising to protect the planet from harmful pollutants & toxic chemicals. Don't miss our other perfume collections to find additional must-have fragrances, from popular hair & body mists for head-to-toe freshness to solid perfumes that fit perfectly in your purse, to TSA-approved travel-sized scents that are great for on-the-go!

This gave me the most novel experience of any perfume I've ever worn, and in the best way. Up till this point, I'd never felt underdressed in a suit...I know it sounds silly but that's just how rich (in every sense of the word) this smells! Once I'd gotten over that initial mind-blowing experience of pure luxury in a bottle, I decided to take the time to note the progression of the scent. It was a hard task, and not because it didn't have a vivid progression (the reviewer below sums it up beautifully) but because it's day-dreamingly distracting. Dynasty manages to provide sheer presence while simultaneously taking you to far away majestical lands.

It is well-known that scents have the ability to alter one's moods and feelings. Most perfumes, however, do not go beyond simply providing a pleasant feeling. Cherry Pop goes so much further than that, it evokes sensuality and playfulness. Red silks, black lace, and distant laughter are some of the imagery it conjures.

Dynasty opens with a floral leather blast which quickly makes way for the cinnamon. As the top notes recede, the floral heart then starts to gain in strength, showing the excellent combination of Jasmine, LOTV, Rose. As the perfume dries down, the Iris seemingly phases in and out of existence. All the while, the Oud, Sandalwood, Patchouli and Civet hum along, providing contrast to the heart notes. When the floral heart fades, the extended dry down is first dominated by Sandalwood, which eventually gives way to the Oud.

Dynasty is a masterpiece from Frater perfumes, as the name reflects this fragrance will take you to 17th or 18th century royal kings time and make you feel like you belong to rulers family. Dynasty is a combination of confidence, sophistication and articulation and has a commanding effect on those around you. It lasted more than 12 hours on my skin :)

Frater Perfumes is a luxury fragrance house creating rich, unique and exclusive scents. We combine precious natural ingredients with revolutionary discoveries in aroma science to produce fragrances that turn heads; we make extraordinary perfumes for extraordinary people. Made in New Zealand.

It forms all or part of: afford; approach; appropriate; approve; approximate; barbican; before; deprive; expropriate; far; first; for; for-; fore; fore-; forefather; foremost; former (adj.); forth; frame; frau; fret; Freya; fro; froward; from; furnish; furniture; further; galore; hysteron-proteron; impervious; improbity; impromptu; improve; palfrey; par (prep.); para- (1) "alongside, beyond; altered; contrary; irregular, abnormal;" paradise; pardon; paramount; paramour; parvenu; pellucid; per; per-; percent; percussion; perennial; perestroika; perfect; perfidy; perform; perfume; perfunctory; perhaps; peri-; perish; perjury; permanent; permeate; permit; pernicious; perpendicular; perpetual; perplex; persecute; persevere; perspective; perspire; persuasion; pertain; peruse; pervade; pervert; pierce; portray; postprandial; prae-; Prakrit; pre-; premier; presbyter; Presbyterian; preterite; pride; priest; primal; primary; primate; primavera; prime; primeval; primitive; primo; primogenitor; primogeniture; primordial; primus; prince; principal; principle; prior; pristine; private; privilege; privy; pro (n.2) "a consideration or argument in favor;" pro-; probably; probe; probity; problem; proceed; proclaim; prodigal; produce; profane; profess; profile; profit; profound; profuse; project; promise; prompt; prone; proof; proper; property; propinquity; prophet; prose; prostate; prosthesis; protagonist; Protean; protect; protein; Proterozoic; protest; proto-; protocol; proton; protoplasm; Protozoa; proud; prove; proverb; provide; provoke; prow; prowess; proximate; Purana; purchase; purdah; reciprocal; rapprochement; reproach; reprove; veneer.

I've been using this for years now, its my favorite, so romantic and mystical. I think the name of this fragrance captures its essence perfectly, it smells like love in otherworldly realms. Its a sensual, sexy, dark fragrance, but not spicy or sweet or overpowering. It dries down to be powdery and there is a specific sexy sweetness to it, the lingering subtle honey on skin when it dries down. Its like wearing beautiful lingerie and sitting on a leather chair and breathing in the scent of of dusty full bloom roses and smoke. Reminds me of twilight zones, HIM's Love Metal album, leather and lace, Anne Rice books. Its what you would want your skin to smell like when a vampire nuzzles your neck. It doesn't smell like before or after sex, but rather the in-between state of seduction where time doesn't exist. Its so unique that you can wear it any season of year, day or night, the perfume fits more a hopeless romantic mysterious soul rather than season, time or place. I feel myself the most when I wear this fragrance and my friends have commented on it. If you are a 90's goth, you will love this one, Vampire Romance smells sophisticated and elegant, as we goths are all grown up, I am 33 years old. Its like aged wine, it allows you to be true to your goth self without smelling like a teenager. Reminds me of the 90s and early 2000s vampire culture but more luxurious. Thank you!

I just received my 90's goth perfume and am so in love with it. It reminds me of my youth being a goth. I lived in Dubai, the UAE with 0 gothic culture, we were only a handful of goths at that time, I am much older now but and am always searching for something to capture the vibes I have created for myself in the late 90s, the smell of candles, watching The Craft, reading Anne Rice books. This fragrance really captures the waxy smell of black lipsticks, the cloves that remind me of Halloween sweets (I did not smoke clove cigarettes), the leather of my Dr. Martins and violets that remind me of Tim Burton's characters. Its a simple but also complex and unique smell that is really nostalgic for older goths. I also received a Raspberry tea bag which I thought was so cute, I always appreciate the attention to detail, cute packaging, and the small gifts (I have received sample perfumes before). I'm gonna wear my new perfume, have my raspberry tea and watch Corpse Bride later on

I love this place so much for so many goth scents, and this is definitely one of my favorites of the ones I've tried so far. Finding this place has reawakened a desire to collect perfume and to use different scents for seasons/occasions as a way to be mindful. Right out of the bottle, I smell a strong scent like red lifesaver gummies and the metallic scent that definitely makes you think of blood, but in a very pleasant way. I never thought I would be into the smell of blood, but the artist is clearly so talented with making complex scent combinations. This one dries on me with a velvety red smell that I think is the merlot or roses, but it's not powdery at all.


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