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How To Buy A Humidor

This is probably the most important factor along with what kinds of cigars you plan to keep. The standard rule of thumb is always to buy a humidor that is larger than the capacity of cigars you plan to store in it.

how to buy a humidor


The materials used to craft cigar humidors are vast. You can find humidors made from beautiful woods, various metals or even glass, marble, leather or plastic. As the owner of a number of humidors, I have some made from cherry, oak, and walnut. On the outside, they all look different, but on the inside, they are virtually identical.

Made in Austria, this freestanding humidor can house 400+ cigars in its dual presentation drawers or on the two adjustable Spanish cedar shelves. It features an insulated glass door that protects the cigars from UV rays and not only does the door lock, but it features an alarm to alert you if someone opens it without your consent. It also has a second alarm that monitors the temperature and humidity of the humidor. It is a touch controlled digital display humidor with several temperature and humidity adjustment options. Click here to buy it.

Wrapped in supple Ostrich, this humidor from the renowned cigar and accessories maker is the pinnacle of any aficionados collection. A quintessential desktop humidor that works well at the office or in your home, it is one of a limited edition of just fifty pieces ever made. Click here to get this humidor.

This gorgeous matte black humidor goes with everything. Capable of holding up to 125 cigars, it features two separate dividers that are perfect for storing various styles of tobacco. Unlike the standard brass hardware, this humidor uses gold plating on the hinges, lock and key. Click here to buy this humidor today.

Cigars are like fine wine. They need to age before achieving their optimum flavors. Some may need 12 or 24 months to taste their best, while expert cigar smokers claim that up to 5 years is needed for certain brands. Here are the things to keep in mind when choosing the best cigar humidor that works for you.

Your choice of a humidor, whether you opt for a traditional all-wood affair or a fancy electronic humidor, should always be informed by your answer to one core question: Why do I enjoy smoking cigars?

Your love for the experience and your lifestyle choice should precede other factors. We hope these tips helped you in your journey in choosing the perfect humidor. Enjoyed this read? Share it to your fellow enthusiasts and aspiring cigar collectors. Browse for more articles!

You can also reach out to us for help on how to find your perfect humidor. We can create a custom humidor for you, fit you with the right smoke eater, even get you a cooler humidor, and even work with you on wholesale humidors. Whatever you need, we can help. Contact us now!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cigar Advisor explores whether seasoning a humidor with Boveda is truly easier. Does this new, foolproof humidor seasoning kit live up to the hype? Read on to find out this and more.

Certain cigars need to age a period of time for them to achieve their best flavor. Sometimes this is several months and sometimes you may wait years. In order to allow this to happen, you need to ensure you have a humidor that can keep the internal temperature and humidity at the proper levels.

Where do you live? What are the temperature and humidity levels like? If you live in a place that experiences extreme fluctuations in weather, then you might need a higher quality humidor with a stronger ability to control the internal humidity level and temperature than someone who lives in an area with a moderate climate.

Luckily, there are humidors out there for every budget. Klaro Humidors are sold at a variety of price points, and Case Elegance prides itself on being able to provide its customers with humidors from as low as about $35 all the way up to a couple of hundred dollars.

If you plan to store your cigars for longer than a day or two, you'll need a humidor. Humidors can be as simple as a wooden box or as complex as a refrigerator, and there are several factors to consider as you shop. This cigar humidor buying guide will walk your through the basics, including the main types of humidors, their major features, and how to season and maintain your humidor once you've made your choice.

At its most basic, a humidor is a storage container designed to maintain steady humidity levels on the inside. A humidor may look like a simple wooden box, but a plain exterior often hides some important features. To keep humidity levels from fluctuating with changes in the weather, a humidor needs a tight seal around the door or lid. Relative humidity varies as temperatures change, so humidors should also be well insulated.

In addition to the container itself, a humidor has a humidification system that adds moisture to the air inside. Humidifiers can be as simple as a water-soaked sponge or florist foam. There are also specially designed crystal gel beads and Humidipaks that release moisture more evenly. High-end electronic humidifiers have sensors that test the humidity level and automatically add moisture as needed.

Humidor Boxes: Traditionally, humidors are boxes with lids that feature a baffle to create a tight seal. Though they are usually made of wood for heightened insulation moisture absorption, modern versions are also made of acrylic or ceramic and shaped like jars. Travel humidors may be made of plastic.

Humidor Furniture: Cigar collectors looking for more space to store their favorites may gravitate toward humidor furniture. End table and coffee table humidors integrate cigar storage with useful storage or work surfaces, while dedicated chests and stand-alone cabinets are an attractive way to store hundreds of cigars in one convenient location.

Wineadors: A wineador is a refrigerated humidor that allows you control the temperature of your humidor with ease, thanks to excellent insulation and door seals. You can choose from compressor cooling, which is just like a standard wine fridge, or thermoelectric cooling, which is more gradual and doesn't dry out the air inside the humidor.

A quality humidor comes with built-in features that make it easy to maintain proper humidity levels and preserve your cigars' flavors. Here are the top features to consider when buying a humidor for your collection:

In general, a humidor's capacity is measured by the number of Churchill cigars it holds. (A Churchill cigar is typically 7 inches long with a 48 ring size.) To maintain proper airflow in your humidor, choose one with a capacity about 30% larger than the number of cigars you plan to keep. This will leave room to grow and allow humidity to reach every cigar evenly.

A humidor lined with Spanish cedar is a must for aging cigars and adding flavor. Spanish cedar also helps repel insects and maintain even moisture levels. Spanish cedar expands and contracts to absorb excess moisture, which helps prevent condensation build-up. Appliance-style humidors are unlikely to be fully lined with Spanish cedar, but shelves and drawers made of this premium wood provide excellent results.

A hygrometer measures the humidity levels inside a humidor, making it easier to track and maintain proper moisture levels. The best hygrometers are easily read without opening the humidor so you don't risk disturbing the interior climate. Digital hygrometers are easier to read and often more accurate than analog meters.

All humidors require you to add a humidifier to boost moisture levels. Simple solutions are sponges, beads, and Humidipaks that you add on your own. These methods require you to check your hygrometer regularly and add water as needed. Electronic humidifiers automatically measure the relative humidity in your humidor and add moisture on their own. They cost more, but they protect your cigars from accidental neglect and sudden environmental changes.

Humidors should be kept at a steady temperature, as changes in temperature also cause changes in the relative humidity. For boxes and furniture, this means placing your humidor out of direct sunlight and taking care to keep your room temperature steady throughout the year. Wineador-type humidors are great for cooling cigars down in hot, dry climates. Some wineadors are also designed with heaters to help aficionados in cold climates keep their cigars in good condition throughout the winter.

There hundreds of humidor styles to match anyone's tastes. Simple boxes have Spanish cedar on the inside, but the exterior can be any type of wood. Inlays and unique grains are very popular. Wineador-style humidors look like kitchen appliances, so you may want to match existing finishes in your home. Black and stainless steel are the most popular.

Before you add cigars to your new humidor, you need to season it. This process allows the wood in the humidor to absorb moisture so it doesn't dry out your cigars. When the humidity levels are right, you're ready to add your cigars. Here's a general how to get started:

Check your humidor regularly to make sure you're following the 70/70 rule. Cigars should be at 70 degrees and 70% humidity. If temperatures rise, you'll need to decrease the humidity by opening the door and allowing some moisture to escape. If temperatures fall, you'll need to increase it by adding more water. For best results, temperatures should stay between 65 and 73 degrees. Relative humidity should be between 65% and 74%.

There are many different types of cigar humidors out there, each of which come in different shapes and sizes. So, the first step is to make sure that you purchase the one that can best accommodate your cigar collection (or future collection).

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