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Where To Buy Cheese Making Equipment

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Where To Buy Cheese Making Equipment

Cheesemaking equipment can range anywhere from $0 to over $500 depending on the cheese you want to make and the size of your operation. Making cheese at home can quickly become more cost-effective than buying cheese at the store and you likely already have everything you need to get started.

This is a great kit to get you started! All of the supplies have been gathered for you and put in a convenient package, complete with recipes. See the Deluxe Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit listing for our most up-to-date price. We also carry a Deluxe Mozzarella & Ricotta Kit gift box, allowing you to easily share the fun of cheesemaking with your loved ones!

We pride ourselves in all high quality supplies in our cheese making kits, all that you will use, the same products a professional uses. Our kits are designed by the type of cheeses to make, like the Colby-Cheddar, or Italian Mozzarella. We even have cheese making kits that will allow you to experiment, like our Great Blue Cheese kit gives you the supplies needed to make three types of Blue Cheese. And we have the Supreme Cheese Making Kit to have everything you need to get started making a variety of cheeses.

Cheese making equipment belongs to a wide product group, which includes all machines relating to the production of various types of cheese. Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment specializes mainly in cheese making equipment for semi-hard cheeses such as Gouda, Edam and Tilsitter (Radzisky) cheese. Cream cheese and fresh cheeses are also fairly common. Besides that, we buy complete cheese factories and know where complete cheese factories are for sale. With our specialized team we have already dismantled and sold many complete cheese factories.

Cheese is made by the coagulation of milk where at some point in the process rennet is added and whey is pumped away. After that further ripening, cutting and packing takes place depending upon the type of cheese. Range of cheese making equipment: Cheese vat / curd preparation tank, Drainage vat / pre-press, Cheese press, Mould washing machine, Mould handling; cover removal, rotation and blowing systems. Mould transport systems, Cheese moulds, Handling of the cheese; paraffin, coating, vacuum packing. Whey processing.

Options in addition to normal refurbished cheese making equipment:Assembly of a complete line. Modernization of units with fully automatic control: recipe control with timers, frequency regulators etc. Technological support and advice during production. For a complete line you can always send an email with your request. For information or references for complete cheese making lines please also see our possibilities.

Lekkerkerker Dairy & Food Equipment also specializes in complete cheese making projects. We can supply these complete projects from A tot Z, including buildings engineering (flowcharts and top views of the machines), full documentation, overhauling of the cheese making equipment, transport of the machines, installation, commissioning. We can also provide training for the production operators.

The rapid growth of farmhouse and small-scale artisan cheese-making in the UK has seen a matching growth of suppliers of cheese-making equipment, starter cultures, moulds and bacteria, keen to supply the UK market. Listed below are some of the best places to buy cheese-making equipment and cultures (in no particular order), either for home-scale size (listed first) or artisan/farmhouse size (listed later).

We love homemade cheese. That is why we decided to share it with the world. Many people have never thought to make their own cheese, but with Make Cheese Inc. it is both easy and affordable. Make your own cheese with easy to use Do It Yourself (DIY) kits. We have the home cheese making supplies and equipment you'll need to get started making your own cheese. Whether your favourite is Mozzarella, Swiss, or Gouda, it is possible with Make Cheese Inc. Enjoy!

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