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El Mariachi |TOP| Download 720p

El Mariachi: A Low-Budget Masterpiece

El Mariachi is a 1992 Spanish language American independent neo-Western action film and the first part of the saga that came to be known as Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy. It marked the feature-length debut of Rodriguez as writer and director. The film was shot with a mainly amateur cast in the northern Mexican border town of Ciudad AcuÃa, Coahuila, Mexico across from Del Rio, Texas, the home town of leading actor Carlos Gallardo as the title character. The film was made with a budget of only $7,225 and was originally intended for the Mexican home-video market, but executives at Columbia Pictures liked the film and bought the American distribution rights. The film became a cult hit and launched the careers of Rodriguez and Gallardo. [^1^]

El mariachi download 720p

The film tells the story of a young musician who arrives in town carrying his own guitar case which contains his signature guitar. He hopes to find work in the town in order to pursue his dream of becoming a mariachi like his father. However, he is mistaken for a ruthless criminal named Azul, who has escaped from jail and is seeking revenge on the local drug lord, Moco, who had him arrested in the first place. Azul carries a guitar case full of weapons and kills anyone who gets in his way. The mariachi gets caught up in a series of shootouts and chases as he tries to survive and clear his name. Along the way, he meets and falls in love with a beautiful woman named Domino, who works at a bar and is also involved with Moco.

El Mariachi is a film that showcases Rodriguez's talent and creativity as a filmmaker. He used a 16mm camera, a wheelchair as a dolly, natural lighting, improvised props and locations, and edited the film on two VCRs. He also wrote, produced, directed, shot, edited, and composed the music for the film. He used his own family and friends as actors and crew members. He also employed various techniques to save money and time, such as using water guns filled with fake blood, shooting scenes in one take, and recycling footage. Despite its low budget and production values, the film has a fast-paced and engaging plot, charismatic characters, stylish cinematography, and thrilling action sequences.

El Mariachi received critical acclaim and won several awards, including the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 1993. It also earned a Guinness World Record for being the lowest-budgeted film ever to gross $1 million at the box office. [^2^] The film spawned two sequels (Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico) with Antonio Banderas taking over from Gallardo for the character, though Gallardo co-produced both films and had a minor role in Desperado. In 2011, El Mariachi was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National Film Registry for being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". [^3^]

If you are looking for a way to watch this classic action film in high quality (720p), you can download it from various online platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or iTunes. You can also stream it on Netflix or Hulu if you have a subscription. Alternatively, you can buy or rent a DVD or Blu-ray copy from your local store or online retailer.

El Mariachi is a film that proves that you don't need a big budget or a star-studded cast to make a great movie. It is a testament to Rodriguez's vision and passion as an independent filmmaker who can create something out of nothing. It is also an entertaining and inspiring story of a man who follows his dream despite all odds. c481cea774


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