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ScandalTV Show | 2012

While both shows offer strong, intelligent, and powerful female characters they fall short of offering the positive role models some of us want them to be. Neither Carrie nor Olivia are married or have children or seem to be concerned about either of those things. Both put their careers first and are exceptionally good at their jobs. And for a second it is refreshing to view them as people, not necessarily as women, that is until their next sex scene is written into the show.

ScandalTV Show | 2012

Kerry Washington starred as the dazzling Olivia Pope in all seven seasons of Scandal and since then, she has not stepped away from the entertainment world at all. In terms of acting, Washington has starred in the 2020 Hulu drama Little Fires Everywhere alongside other notable names such as Reese Witherspoon, Joshua Jackson, and Rosmarie DeWitt. This show is based on the riveting 2017 novel by Celeste Ng and follows the inevitable clash of worlds between The Richardson family and a mysterious mother-daughter duo. Washington revealed recently that they are currently working on a season 2. Not only this, but Washington's illustrious career and her dedication and passion as a political activist have earned her the title of Time Magazine's Woman of the Year. As for upcoming projects, it is just another thing Washington is on top of her game in. She is set to star in a comedy series alongside Delroy Lindo.

Katie Lowes played the iconic Quinn Perkins in Scandal. Since the show's end in 2018, Lowes has continued to be active in the entertainment world. Lowes is playing Rachel in Inventing Anna, a 2022 drama on Netflix. The show is based on the true story surrounding the infamous case of Anna Delvey. Lowes is also starring as Jen in the sitcom How We Roll, which follows a man who chooses to provide for his family by becoming a professional bowler. Episodes for the first season are currently airing on CBS. In her personal life, Lowes gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2020 and is the host of a podcast called Katie's Crib.

In Scandal, Bellamy Young's role as Melody Grant was definitely not one to forget. Melody grant was the show's 45th President of the United States. Since playing this part, Young played Jessica Whitly in the crime series Prodigal Son on Fox, which ran for 2 seasons. She is also starring as the character Margaret Honeycroft in the drama Promised Land that came out this year with episodes airing on ABC. Sadly, the show was canceled by ABC after just one season. Separate from acting Young has been active in her fight against animal cruelty, per People, visiting and volunteering in animal shelters.

Scott Foley, who played Jake Ballard in Scandal, has not appeared in many projects since the show's end in 2018. He starred as Will Chase in the 2019 action series Whiskey Cavalier alongside The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan. However, the show was canceled after one season. In 2021, Foley starred in a comedy drama called The Big Leap on Fox. Unfortunately, that show was also canceled after one season.

Jeff Perry played the 51st Vice President of the United States, Cyrus Beene, in Scandal. Since the show's end, Perry has been involved in a few projects in both movies and TV. Like his costar Katie Lowes, Perry is featured in the Netflix show Inventing Anna. He plays Lou in this drama series. In terms of movies, Perry was in two movies in 2018: Crime drama Lizzie starring Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart and drama Trial By Fire. Also, in 2019, Perry was in a sci-fi drama film called Speed of Life. Not straying from entertainment at all, Perry is now starring in a production of "Seagull" at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago (which he is a founder of).

The character Abby Whelen on Scandal is played by American actress Darby Stanchfield. Since the show came to an end, Stanchfield has not stepped away from the spotlight at all, being involved in numerous projects in the last few years. Stanchfield stars as Nina Locke in the Netflix Orginal series Locke and Key that premiered in 2020. After two full seasons, the show is expected to end after the third season. Stanchfield was also involved in the young adult romace drama Stargirl. The film follows a young high school student that is drawn to a free-spirited new girl that completely changes their perspectives on life and each other. Stargirl is currently available on Disney+.

Guillermo Diaz plays the former agent and assassin, Huck, in Scandal. In 2020, he was in the sitcom United We Fall for only one season before the show was canceled by ABC. If you want to see more from Diaz, he is currently on Law & Order: Organized Crime alongside, SVU fan-favorite Detective Elliot Stabler played by Christopher Meloni. Diaz will also appear in the upcoming gay rom-com Bros.

Scandal has to be the best all time show I have ever watched. It has both romance and drama. The cast is so awesome. I have not seen a dull episode yet. Why one you think of cancelling such a delightful show.

I just got into the re-run and ABC need to bring this show back. Kerry Washington and her staff are something awesome. This really is good TV! I watched 4 out of 5 of the episode and could not stop watching it. 041b061a72


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