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Facebook Account Hack Tool ( Updated 08.22.13 )

Facebook responded immediately and disabled his account. However, they refused him the reward for reporting the hack because his actions violated the Terms of Service of their White Hat Program. They told him he had not provided enough technical information and because of that they were not able to respond. When he used his ability to violate Facebook users, that's when he crossed the line. Khalil is proud that he had the expertise to discover a bug in one of the world's biggest website from Palestine using a five-year old laptop with a broken battery and missing keys. He said he "really needed that money," and that was his reasoning why he reported the bug to Facebook directly instead of selling the information to blackhat hacker sites, which would have been less than the $500 dollar Facebook award. Although Facebook refuses to honor the reward, luckily, Marc Maiffret, CTO of security firm BeyondTrust, started a GoFundMe Campaign to give Khalil the reward he deserves for his work and to raise awareness of the "importance of independent researchers," Maiffret stated. He continued, "Let us all send a message to security researchers across the world and say that we appreciate the efforts they make for the good of everyone." The campaign raised a total of $11,305 - over one thousand dollars more than the $10,000 dollar goal. The money will be honorably rewarded to Khalil.

facebook account hack tool ( updated 08.22.13 )

Every time facebook makes a change you have to go over all the above to make sure facebook did not change them automatically. All the 5 steps should be reviewed on your account at lease every couple of weeks..

I second this suggestion! My mom has been impersonated, and there's nothing we can do. Facebook has a way to report the fake account, but in order to do it, the person being impersonated has to do the reporting from their real account (no one else can report it), and they have to access the fake account in order to report it. However, if the imposter blocks the person they're impersonating, then it becomes impossible for that person to report the imposter. We have found no other way of letting facebook know, so the fake account remains. I made my own friends list private after this happened and recommended my friends to do the same. ALSO: Be careful when you get a friend request from a friend you already have. Make sure it's really them; otherwise, an imposter is now your friend and has access to all your "private" information!

Spybot is great at what it does, and that is to remove spyware and ad-ware. I use it daily for repairing machines. Its the only one I use. It is way better and more thorough than MalwareBytes, SuperAntiSpyware, and Microsoft's Spyware Removal.I have performed multiple testing with this and other applications because I want the best tools. It doesn't claim to remove malware so I won't dock it for that. It will not detect malware like MoneyPak etc.. I use a malware scanner for this.ConsBeing able to make a boot-able CD. It will start and use 100% CPU but never go past that point.I think the phone application on it is useless.Certain sections that are no longer updated are being updated in a different file so it looks like updates aren't being performed.


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