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Alonso Volkov
Alonso Volkov

Activation InfraWorks 2019 Key

One of the hottest topics in the AEC industry is BIM software collaboration. Like most companies, collaboration between client, stakeholders, design teams, departments, and offices are a crucial key to keeping companies updated with projects milestones, design status, and construction updates. With the latest 2019 version of InfraWorks, designers can now use BIM 360 Docs for their collaboration needs.

Activation InfraWorks 2019 Key

InfraWorks with BIM 360 provides powerful collaboration tools, which allow design professionals to share, view, edit, and comment online models between design teams and clients. InfraWorks 2019 uses BIM 360 Document Management (BIM 360 Docs), a web services cloud-based platform, and the Share View feature to provide a better way to monitor and streamline the approval process on projects.

First is it important to understand that once a model is upgraded to the 2019 version, it is not backwards compatible. When upgrading an older InfraWorks model you are provided two options: Upgrade Model or Upgrade a Copy. 076b4e4f54


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