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Written by Andy Breckman and directed by Randall Zisk, "Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan" was shot in New York. When the episode first aired in the United States on USA Network on June 18, 2004, it was watched by 5.5 million viewers. The episode garnered a mixed reaction from critics, praising the comedy obtained through putting Monk in a scenario that would arouse his fears while criticizing Monk's exaggerated reactions to the setting.

Watch Monk S03E01 1

"Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan" was first broadcast in the United States on the USA Network at 9 pm EST on June 18, 2004.[5][12] According to Nielsen Media Research, the episode was viewed by an estimated number of 5.9 million viewers.[13] It was the third most watched program on cable television that week with a 3.6 percent household rating and a household audience of 3.9 million.[14]

While this has been going on, Randy has bought "Rolex" watch that supposedly tells accurate time, but turns out to be anything but accurate - indicating that Randy is obviously not familiar with the term "street corner salesman" (case in point: when he tells them about its ability to tell the time in various parts of the world, he says that "it's 5:30 here; in Denver, 3:30; in California, 12:17; and in Paris, France... "time has stopped.").

Ahh, sakura petals falling, lotus blossoms floating...we must be in the Heavens. And yup, there's Jiroushin, wondering "how far have they gotten now?" Kanzeon assures him that for all their sidetracks, there's no doubt they've made progress.The SI come to a ruined village that seems to be inhabited only by crows. Gojyo suggests they just keep going, but if there's hope of getting a meal here Hakkai and Goku prefer to explore. Suddenly a little kid runs out and throws a stone at the jeep, yelling that "you damned monk!" and anyone else connected with the temple ought to leave right now. A girl runs after him, telling him to apologize, but the angry kid (his name's Taiga) glares, breaks loose and runs. The young lady bows and apologizes for her brother, and Gojyo promptly turns on the charm, assuring her there's no harm done and asking her name (in a purr that would melt granite =). It's Reika. --What a cute name, croons the kappa; but he doesn't even get through introducing himself before he's tackled by desperate Goku, demanding to know where they can find food. Gojyo resents the interruption, of course; as they squabble Hakkai laughs and apologizes for his companions. Reika says that if Sanzo really is a traveling monk, they probably want to go to the temple. The one that kid said was bad?--asks Goku. Reika tells them her brother is just rude: the temple is a fine place, and its head monk is a righteous man who has given shelter to many people left homeless by youkai attacks.When they arrive, they find a prosperous-looking shrine, thronged with people. A young monk hurries up to tell them they can't come in without making an offering, and if they want to stay the night the offering will have to be a large one. But the head monk nearly chokes when he sees who his underling is turning away ["Sono kyoumon!" ("--that sutra!")]--a Sanzo Priest, here? Sanzo asks to rest here awhile, and the roshi can't welcome them fast enough, saying they never expected a Sanzo to visit their humble temple. The others grin in satisfaction, and before you can say dot a yummy-looking feast has been prepared, complete with a vintage wine (with gourmet Hakkai's pleased approval). Gojyo proposes a toast to "our Master Sanzo", but can't help noticing--as he glances around the room in which they eat, full of fine art objects and good food--that the temple is nothing like the village.Hakkai, looking out the window, spots little Taiga sneaking onto the temple grounds. The kid eavesdrops under a window where the senior monk is talking with a shady-looking, purple-eyed character in violet robes. (This room contains even more fine Chinese objets d'art: porcelain platters, T'ang horses...) I understand that you want the Sanzo Party to leave as soon as possible, says the stranger [named Doushi], but you could be missing a great opportunity; surely you saw the sutra they carry? One of the Tenshi Kaigen, confirms the head monk, that are guarded by the Sanzo Priests.--Steal it from him, says Doushi; it should be easy for a fellow monk to get close to them. The roshi sweatdrops, but the other says he mustn't forget to whom he owes his extravagant lifestyle...and it's almost time for the next offering. The monk says that today many people came in from the neighboring village, and the stranger says that should be fine, as long as there are plenty of women and children; they particularly please the Master. Under the window, Taiga grits his teeth--and then he's spotted by Doushi...H G & G, walking back from the bathhouse, run into a disturbance: none other than pretty Reika, struggling with two of the monks for admission to the temple grounds. Gojyo sends them packing and sweetly asks if he can be of any assistance to Reika-chan =), who anxiously tells him her little brother is missing and she thinks he's here. Hakkai confirms spotting him earlier. She's very worried: he's probably-- Then suddenly all three guys go on the alert, and turn to see Doushi walking past. We and they all notice he's wearing a gold drop earring. Reika tells them he's a traveling priest, a trusted adviser to the master of this temple. ==Back in their room, the guys tell her Doushi is a youkai. She says Taiga had told her he saw the head monk talking to a demon, but she hadn't believed him, and now wishes she had. Reika tells the ikkou that six months ago people started to disappear from Kinrin Village, but this village was spared because of its temple. It soon became a sanctuary. but people who couldn't make an offering were turned away from its shelter. Our father came to make an offering, she adds, but he never returned... Hakkai guesses that's why her little brother is sniffing around the temple.H, G & G head out; Sanzo asks what they plan on doing, and Hakkai says they'll find Taiga and bring him here. What about you?--asks Gojyo. Well, it's pretty obvious where the kid is, says Sanzo, exhaling smoke; but he personally can't be bothered. =)As soon as they're gone the head monk pays Sanzo a visit, asking to study the Maten Scripture, but he, of course, curtly refuses. [exactly that: "Kotowaru."] (Oh, and where are his friends? He's got no idea, Sanzo retorts: they aren't his friends and he's not their guardian.) The roshi tries to coax him, but Sanzo draws his gun and says it'd be a waste of time to show him the sutra; he tracks the gun over a few feet and snaps for the other to show himself. Sure enough, Doushi is behind the monk, and smoothly asks Sanzo what seems to be the matter. He growls that he's had enough of this bad acting.Elsewhere in the temple complex, a group of youkai are guarding human prisoners, one of whom is Taiga. They taunt him that "she will wake soon"--and then Gojyo kicks the door down. Who are you? demand the youkai guards. The wandering ladies' man, grins the hanyou. Then I'm the wandering nursery school teacher, chimes in Hakkai, while the saru finds it enough to be "the wandering Son Goku." ==The demons charge, the trio kicks butt, and the head monk, hearing the commotion at gunpoint, stammers that it can't be. I already told you I'm not their guardian, says Sanzo. =) 041b061a72


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