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Three friends - Bhavesh (Shreyas Talpade), Parag (Javed Jaffrey) and Pariksheet (Ashish Chaudhary) live in Pattaya, as paying guests in a house owned by Kiska Miglani (Asrani). Bhavesh works as a chef in a restaurant called Namaste India, owned by Ballu Singh (Johnny Lever). Ballu has a younger brother, Ronnie (Chunky Pandey), who wants ownership the restaurant, because he owes a considerable amount of money to a gangster, Murli (Inder Kumar). Parag is a screen writer for a television channel and Parikshit is a car salesman working for Aarti Gupta (Neha Dhupia). Eventually all three of them lose their jobs. The three friends are later joined by Jayesh (Vatsal Seth) from Mumbai, who is a cousin of Parikshit's, and tells them that an apartment is included if he gets a job at an architecture firm. After getting drunk celebrating Jayesh's arrival, they privately insult Kiska, who arrives back home unexpectedly, hears what they are saying and kicks them out. They go out in search of a place to stay and a friend of Parikshit's suggests paid lodgings. Parikshit and Jayesh go to the home to find its owner is Ballu Singh, to whom they are oblivious of the fact that he is Bhavesh's former employer. Ballu and his wife, Sweety (Delnaaz Paul), agree to let them stay on one condition - they must be married.

Watch Paying Guests Full Movie Download

What happens when four fun-loving boys [Shreyas Talpade, Jaaved Jaffrey, Ashish Chowdhry and Vatsal Sheth] begin a crazy house hunt? In the search for a new accommodation, these crazy friends manage to convince their crazier landlord Ballu [Johny Lever] to keep them as paying guests, but Ballu has one condition, i.e. he wants only couples.

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Robert Wack: Well actually, yes. One of my colleagues on the council ran into somebody at a soccer game or something and it was a father of a family of four in one of the neighborhoods that we just lit. And this guy almost threw himself weeping into the arms of my colleague saying, "Thank you. You have saved my family, because our internet before was so crappy that the kids were fighting all the time. I couldn't get work done. My wife works from home. And it was a nightmare. And we got our Ting lit up and for the first time in years, everybody's happy. And we can all do whatever we want: stream movies, download large files. And nobody has a problem and everybody's happy."

Robert Wack: First of all, it's very early in the process. So the positive indicators we're seeing are very small and subtle. But they're real. So we've placed probably about a dozen kids into internships and part-time jobs with local tech companies. You know, some might say, "Oh that would've happened anyway." Maybe not. Maybe some of these kids would've gone elsewhere or maybe the tech companies would have looked elsewhere for these employees. This is a five to 10 year project of growing these companies and getting kids placed. In terms of the kinds of jobs, what we've seen so far it's web development. It's software development, coding, some network stuff, cybersecurity. Those are good, reasonably well-paying, white-collar jobs that we want more of in our community. Like many rural and semi-rural communities, our local economy is skewed heavily toward school system, local government, the hospital, and maybe one or two large manufacturers. If any one of those things has a problem, that's a major negative impact on our local economy. So we need to have a more diverse local economy with lots of small businesses, because there's a substantial body of economic research that says that net job growth is 60 to 80% of net, new job growth comes from small businesses and entrepreneurs. So we need more of that. And that's a big part of what we're doing and the fiber infrastructure is a unique asset now that we in this community that will hopefully be an engine for creating those jobs, attracting those entrepreneurs, and getting that net new job growth that's gonna drive our economy for the next 20, 30, 40, 50 years.

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Sports & Social, sports and gaming bar and restaurant, will be located in a 19,000-square-foot featuring a 42-foot LED media wall so guests can watch multiple games and sporting events at once. In addition to a made-from-scratch menu, there will also be live music, entertainment, arcade games, shuffle puck and skeeball.

Paying Guests, originally Dupur Thakurpo, is a Bengali sex comedy web series starring Swastika Mukherjee playing the central character of the show, Boudi. The concept of the show revolves around how six boys, living as paying guests in a house owned by a middle-aged man, get the shock of their lives when their landlord marries a beautiful and sexy girl around 20 years younger to him. The show gets its comic moments when the stunning newly wedded bride teases the sexually charged up bachelors who go to lengths just for a chance to have some contact with her. Watch Paying Guests all episodes to see if the group of six bachelors living in the same house as a young bride and her middle-aged husband is a recipe for comedy or calamity.


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