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[S1E8] Your Couples Friends Neighbors


[S1E8] Your Couples Friends Neighbors

Narrator: Desperate for a way to slow down and connect, Kristin Schell put an ordinary picnic table in her front yard, painted it turquoise, that first turquoise table became a meeting place for friends and neighbors, a place to connect, and a symbol of hospitality. Now, Kristin invites you and her special guests to join her here at The Turquoise Table Podcast. Welcome.

Stay tuned to the very end with our kitchen segment, sponsored by Shipt, because Bri shares a delicious sheet pan recipe with us, so that you can feed your friends and neighbors. Without further ado, I want to welcome Bri McKoy to the table, the author of Come and Eat.

I'm on a mission to love my neighbors. I put an ordinary picnic table in my front yard, painted it turquoise and invited neighbors, friends, and even strangers to hang out and do life together at the Turquoise Table.

Goldberg, now going by Jonathan Moore, befriends a group of socialites which includes his neighbors Malcolm and Kate, along with their friends, at a party. The group includes Lady Phoebe Borehall-Braxworth, Adam Pratt, Blessing Bosede, Simon and Sophie Soo, Roald Walker-Burton, Gemma Graham-Greene, Connie (never given a last name), and Rhys Montrose.

Join host Adam Peacock as he talks to the lesser known characters from your favorite horror films. Each week is an all new, fully improvised journey into the unknown featuring friends and luminaries from the worlds of comedy, horror, and beyond.

Claire is furious about their neighbors Ronnie and Amber's eye-sore of a boat on their front lawn and it soon becomes an all-out war when Phil calls in "the big guns" as back up: his dad Frank and all his retired friends to give them a taste of their own medicine. Elsewhere, Jay is trying to potty train Joe but Gloria does not think he's ready yet, and Cam secretly takes Lily to clown school behind Mitchell's back.

Jun's childhood friend, Tomo, has romantic feelings for Jun, but he only thinks of her as just one of the guys. Tomo and Jun have been neighbors and friends since they were little. Even though they were neighbors, they lived in different school districts, so they didn't go to grade school together. When they finally entered the same middle school together, Jun realized that Tomo was a girl, and it was the first time Tomo realized Jun just thought of her as a guy.

Welcome to Point Place, Wisconsin, home of sweet, awkward high school student Eric Forman and his tight-knit (if dysfunctional) circle of family and friends. It's the 1970s, and Eric spends a lot of time hanging out in his smoke-filled basement with his pals: dim-witted Kelso, irreverently cynical Hyde, misfit foreigner Fez, spoiled Jackie, and girl-next-door Donna. Rounding out Eric's world are his cantankerous dad Red, sweetly neurotic mom Kitty, sexy sister Laurie, and neighbors Bob and Midge, Donna's not-too-bright parents. 781b155fdc


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