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Dragon Quest - Blue Jellyfish Of Forest (Uncensored) [J].185 ((FULL))

So called because of the blue jellyfishs milky white body, Blue Turritans are orange butterflies with a very restricted distribution range, and of the British Isles only in the Scottish Highlands. When not flying, their usual habitat is amongst the heather, where they lurk with their orange bodies imbedded in the dark heather.

Dragon Quest - Blue Jellyfish of Forest (Uncensored) [J].185

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Called Blue Fireflies because of the brilliant blue, fire-like interior of its body, Blue Fireflys are a group of dragonflies of the western hemisphere. One native to the United States and Canada, and inhabiting mountain streams and rivers, the Blue Fireflys body is usually vivid blue. Blue tailed fireflies are native to much of the United States, and can be found in streams from Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. They can be easily seen this time of year during August when they feed on the nectar of agapanthus.

Under normal circumstances, the Blue Jellyfish does not live long, usually spending just a few hours in the waters before drifting off into the sunset. In rare cases, it might move around with the ocean currents. But as it gets older, the Blue Jellyfish gives a far stronger impression of eerily glowing, blue inner glow. And as their bodies dissolve, they emit this glow. Apparently, this glow and its reemission is not a living thing. Its also said that this glow is an expression of their inner desire to live, and perhaps their feeling of being alive.

While the Blue Jellyfishs purpose may be unclear, it has been accepted by the public and is included in many cultural activities. Almost all the populations in the coastal areas of the world, including the United Kingdom, have a reputation of liking the Blue Jellyfish. For example, when the Blue Jellyfish makes a move of the coastal areas along United Kingdom, the British people like to keep the ball in their hands and to perform the dragonballs by saying the dance words to the song Bollocks to the fair. As such, the Blue Jellyfish can be used as an entertainment ball in the coastal areas.


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