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Free Audiobook Download __HOT__s For Android It's The

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Most of the time, books download as MP3 files (or sometimes WMA or AAC files) that can play on your computer, tablet, phone, iPod, or MP3 player. There are free audio converter software programs you can use if you need the audiobook to be in a different file format.

There are lots of other websites that offer free audiobooks that you can download through torrent websites. However, you should know that while that method of sharing books (or anything, like music and movies) may seem completely fine, it's normally illegal in most countries and is typically considered an unsafe method for sharing files since it's a common way to transmit malware.

If you are looking for the best audiobook apps for Android and iPhone, then I have got you covered with this extensive list of free audiobook apps and paid audiobook apps with subscriptions that you can choose from.

Audible India comes with a 30-day free trial, at the end of which you need to sign-up for a monthly subscription. It offers easy book exchange and returns. It allows you to listen to unlimited Audible Original shows for free. Most importantly, even if you cancel the membership, you can access all the downloaded audiobooks in your Audible library.

The best part about Spotify is that you can access the entire audiobook library for free, no subscription needed. Also, for an ad-free experience, you can switch to its premium plan that includes a 30-day free trial.

As a cross-platform application, Google Play Books has over a million bestselling ebooks, comics, textbooks, and audiobooks. It offers a free preview of audiobooks before you purchase them. It allows you to easily move audiobooks across devices; smartphones, e-readers, desktops and tablets.

One of the best free audiobook apps out there in the market, LibriVox is a good choice for beginners who want to try out audiobooks before subscribing to a premium plan. Librivox is a non-commercial, non-profit and ad-free project, wherein volunteers from all over the globe contribute recordings, in different languages, to the public domain.

It has a fairly good collection of 15,000 free audiobooks that includes classic, biographies & memoirs, gothic fiction, romance, poetries, and more. Also, users can listen to free audiobooks on their computers, mobile devices (Android & iOS), iPods or even burn it onto a CD.

This audiobook app offers bite-sized stories including but not limited to sci-fi/fantasy, drama, comedy, fiction, non-fiction and more. It also offers you a free preview of nearly all titles, so you can read/listen to the eBooks and audiobooks before you make a purchase.

A great option in the free audiobook apps for Android category, Loyal Books offers you a selection of over 7000 audiobooks and eBooks. Apart from the wide range of genres, most of the titles on this platform are available in different languages; English, Hindi, Tamil, French, Urdu and many more.

It offers you an easy search option, wherein you can search for eBooks/audiobooks by title, keywords or author. This free audiobook app is also available for iOS devices. Plus, it offers a preview of titles and allows you to stream online or download them for offline listening.

With this audiobook app, you can borrow and read eBooks & audiobooks from your local public library for free. From classics to kids stories to NYT bestsellers, you can pick your favourite and listen to it any time you want. Also, apart from streaming content, the Libby app allows for offline download of audiobooks, which you can then listen to on Android/iOS devices or Kindle.

With more than 5 million titles, this app has a decent library of audiobooks that you can choose from. It offers both paid and free audiobooks for Android and iOS devices. Kobo is similar to Google Play Books and allows for in-app purchases for eBooks, while its audiobook subscription service is similar to Audible.

For anyone with a passing curiosity for audiobooks, these free and paid audiobook apps are the best place


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