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Linda Lovelace Dogarama, 1969 VERIFIED

many times throughout her memoir ordeal, linda recalls how all she ever wanted out of life was a husband she loved, a little house, and a couple of children. she was, by nature, sexually unadventurous and instinctually monogamous, and never gave much thought to a careerbefore she met traynor, she thought she might one day like to open a clothing store. she wasnt very interested in the growing womens movement, or in reaping the benefits of feminism. perhaps the most heartbreaking element of her memoir is that the system she put so much faith inmainstream american lifenever offered her even the slightest sanctuary from the relentless abuse she suffered. she had been raised knowing nothing of sex, menstruation, or birth control. as a teenager, she had gotten pregnant andas many good girls did in those daysgave the baby up for adoption, learning early on that her rights did not extend even over the workings of her body.

linda lovelace dogarama, 1969

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during her days as a porn actress, linda worked for a while with the playboy studios as an independent contractor. (she would later claim, not always credibly, that she had some kind of relationship with hugh hefner that didnt end in a legal agreement.) she spent a year in the atlanta playboy club, where her husband saw her regularly. whenever he would leave, he would tell her that if she would stop her attempts to turn prostitution into a legitimate career he would give her the family house, and she agreed. he never did. she was supposed to have a lot of contact with hugh hefner during her stint at playboy, but she never saw him, except as she described him in her memoir: always wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and smoking cigars.


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