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The Benefits of Using Management by stephen p robbins 11th edition mcq for Management Students and Professionals

publishers says: "this book fills a void in the market. it is a first-rate management tool that can be used as a textbook, as a reference book, or as a tool for teaching a course. the authors' emphasis on action-oriented practice and on real life experience gives it a real-world feel that is missing from many of the existing management texts." "this book is highly recommended." "i recommend the book for any business major with a marketing background." "i am impressed with the breadth of coverage and with the real world examples and exercises throughout the text." "i recommend the book as a basic text or a supplement to more advanced texts." "an excellent text for the undergraduate management curriculum." "i recommend this book to anyone who wants to know what it's really like to work in the field of human resources." "the authors did a wonderful job of emphasizing real life practice."

Management by stephen p robbins 11th edition mcq

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published by international thomson publishing, this best-selling book is now in its eighth edition and has helped thousands of students pass their exams. the text covers all the necessary theory and practice to enable you to understand all aspects of the hrm discipline. the text includes a complete set of examples and questions for every chapter to enable you to test yourself.

at the highest level of management, the second-line managers direct, supervise, and otherwise oversee the activities of their direct reports, which includes employees with titles such as managers or department managers. also known as the management unit or department manager, these managers typically are part of a larger management structure within a large organization, such as the departments of human resources, marketing, or quality control. as second-line managers, the supervisory managers direct and supervise the work of their direct reports, who are the third-line managers.


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