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If you live in Dallas, then you are like me, and you never know when winter is coming; however, If you live where winter weather occurs, then you’re likely familiar with the toll it takes on your hair. Winter weather is harsh on all hair textures and types. Like skin, hair needs protection from the cold to remain soft and healthy. Defend your tresses from arctic air, whipping winds, static electricity, and even indoor heat. You want to have lovely locks to show off when spring (finally) comes!

Try these ten winter hair care tips to keep your hair in great shape—even when it’s freezing outside:


Wear a wig/Glam hair adornment

It is essential to cover your hair during the winter months to shield it from moisture-robbing dry air, snow, wind, and rain. So a Glam Hair adornment is the perfect protective style. The elements will dry your hair out, making it more prone to breakage.

Synthetic hair can cause breakage, so using Glam Hair 100% human hair is the best way to prevent damage. Fight dryness and breakage by using a leave-in Moisturizer on your hair before braiding it down.


Buy a humidifier.

Want to know a surprising way to fight dry hair in the winter? Use a humidifier. Indoor heating causes the air in your home to become very dry, pulling moisture out of your hair. Humidifiers help rehydrate the air to keep your locks looking lustrous.


Get regular trims.

Trimming your hair every four to eight weeks is an excellent way to maintain hair health and keep your locks looking fresh. Take a half-inch off the bottom to reduce the chances of developing dry, split ends.


Lower the water temperature when you shower.

Even though a steamy shower might be just what you’re looking for when the temperature is below freezing, hot water can zap moisture from your hair, making it brittle and more vulnerable to breaking. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and follow with a cool rinse instead.


Avoid heat styling.

Allowing your hair to air dry is best. Blow drying draws moisture out of your hair, increasing the chance of breakage. Heat-free drying helps keep your hair shiny and healthy. Short on time? Try taking your shower in the evening so your tresses can dry naturally overnight. Embrace your natural hair and air-dry whenever possible. When your hair is already delicate in the colder months, heat styling amplifies the issue and sucks the moisture right out of your strands. Refrain from straightening or curling your hair during the winter. Use this time to explore new styles like twists, braids, and buns.


Don’t leave the house with wet hair.

Wet hair is more vulnerable to damage than dry hair. Walking outside in winter with a damp head can cause hair to freeze and break. While air drying is best, it’s better to blow dry your hair than go outdoors with a saturated mane.


Use a moisturizing treatment.

When winter wreaks havoc on your hair, restore moisture with an oil-based hair treatment. Choose a lightweight leave-in formula to revitalize dry, damaged hair instantly. My favorite is Moroccan oil all in one leave-in conditioner; it nourishes the hair, replenishes, and is very moisturizing.


Deep condition once a week.

Moisturizing is the name of the game for winter hair care. One of my favorite moisturizing treatments is Joico moisture recovery. Also, add a leave-in conditioner weekly to replenish moisture and combat the effects of hot styling tools, indoor heating, and cold winter winds. Static hair is a common occurrence when your hair is subject to cold weather. Keeping hair hydrated with a leave-in conditioner will help protect it. You may also want to try lightly swiping a dryer sheet over the flyaways to rid your hair of static.


Commit to a weekly hair mask.

Just like weekly face masks are essential for healthy skin, weekly hair masks can make a significant difference in dry, damaged hair. One of my favorites is OlaPlex four-in-one moisture mask. They can reverse the effects of dryness while ensuring your hair is protected at an optimal level all year round. Hair masks are quick and easy to use. They are packed with tons of hair health benefits and are effective in under 20-minutes. Hair masks offer benefits like softening, hydrating, and adding shine.


Avoid frequent hair washes.

If you’re someone who washes their hair every day, it’s time to switch things up. Over-washing your hair will strip it of natural oils that help to keep hair moisturized and protected. This is especially bad in the winter when those oils are much needed. Try extending the time between your washes as much as possible. If you typically wash your hair every day, then switch to every other day. If you find your hair is still dehydrated, try every three days. Another way to help extend the time between washes is to use dry shampoo. Dry shampoo opens up the hair shaft and brings life back to your hairstyle. It will also keep your hair smelling and looking fresh.

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