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Best hair styles for Autumn 2020


Give those frazzled, Sun-bleached split ends the chop by asking your hairdresser for a long bob.

The classic cut is, the perfect way to freshen up any barnet for the cooler months.

The good news is, bobs are remarkably versatile and suit all kinds of hair textures, from super-sleek straight locks like Jessies Nelson to Megan Barton-Hanson's flirty waves. A shorter length looks flirty waves.

A shorter length looks flirty and french, while shoulder-skipping locks are perfect if you want to still be able to chuck your hair into a ponytail at the gym.


Speaking of ponytails, they're so much more than a sweat-proof gym hairdo. A low ponytail is a fixture on the catwalk every season, but if your hair skills leave a lot to be desired, opt for a messy look a la Dani Dyer.

More adventurous fashionistas could try out an intricate braid or get creative with hairbands like Molly-Mea-Hauge

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